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Our Terms of conditions apply to you as a member, whether you are a user or advertiser at When registering at, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of conditions. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not register with or your account will be removed. It is mandatory to accept our terms of service prior to registering your account with us.
All registered users must be minimum 18 years old. The administration of the project may not be the compledly money-back guarantee and is not liable for possible losses when dealing with the draft.

Users / Members
Make sure your password is kept secret from others, we store it in an irreversible format. In the unlikely event of someone hacking into your account, we will not be held responsible. When you request your password, will send you a new one to your email. You can only have one account per person. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all of them. This also applies to your Payeer/ Perfectmoney accounts which have to be unique and not shared with another user of When viewing ads you can only view advertisements once within a 24 hour period. You can use multiple IP addresses to login. Any attempt to do otherwise may lead to the termination of your account. Logging in from proxies or shared network environments (such as, but not limited to schools, LAN houses, internet cafés, etc.) is allowed. Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold. Accounts are not transferable. will not modify user account information based on user request. Users using false information when registering or changing their personal settings will have their account suspended. Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements. If more than one account in a single computer view advertisements, you will need to contact us for special permission for families or workplaces. Any attempt to use more than that in that defined period will cause an account suspension. You must not automatically redirect any page to or include the site inside any other site visible or not. Any attempt to manually or automatically reload / view pages intensively will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

Multiple Joins
You are allowed to create more than 1 account

False Representing
We do not tolerate anyone who uses false information to represent us.

Liability will not be liable for delays or failure in performance caused by acts of God, war, terrorism, strike, labor dispute, work stoppage, fire, act of government, or any other cause, whether similar or dissimilar, beyond our control. reserves the right to restrict, alter, or modify fees, benefits, rules, regulations, special offers, membership terms and conditions or terminate services any time and without notice., its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any products and services of other program participating companies or partners. will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to and therefore beyond our control. reserves the right to alter the Terms of conditions at any time, including fees, special offers, benefits and rules, amongst others, and also reserves the right to cancel its services any time and without any notice. will not be held responsible for any of its users, advertisers or advertisements. This also includes any third party we may depend on. is not responsible for any tax payment for you on what you receive from us. It's your responsibility to declare what you've received and pay your country's taxes.

Payouts / Purchases / Payments
All payments and purchases are services rendered and non refundable. All charge backs or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension or BAN. All payments will be made via Payeer and Perfectmoney. No other method of payment is available at this time. You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you've used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. The maximum amount you can request to the other payment processors is equal to the value of the purchases you've made through them individually. In the event of equal most value of purchases between two or more payment processors you can make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the par. These new terms were added due to many members not following our old terms. The minimum amount paid is $3.00 on the first cash out. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use. You can only request one payment at a time. is responsible only for submitting your payment to the payment processor account you supply. Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor's support. You must have one or all of the current payment processors that we accept, Payeer or Perfectmoney email address required. All payments will go directly to the user's email address registered on their account and cannot be canceled. To have your payment sent by Perfectmoney, be sure to have a Perfectmoney account in a country whose accounts can receive money by Perfectmoney and log in from one of those countries. After requesting a payment, the user must wait 1 day before requesting another. Users must accept the payments made to their Payeer or Perfectmoney account in every days or will have the payment canceled and it will not be refunded. Any refund of any payment we send you will be ignored and it won't be added back to your account nor sent again. Once your account reaches at least $3 you can submit your request to withdraw your earnings.  If your payout processor account is unable to accept money your request will be cancelled and your earnings will be added back to your paid to click account. If members stop abusing our payout request system we will in due time change the payout request system back to five business days. All purchase prices on are subject to change with or without notice. All earnings listed and or represented by are estimated values, actual values are subject to change with or without notice. All payments are to be made using the links available in your profile. No other method of payment will be accepted. All payments are non-refundable.  All charge backs or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension. Members email addresses will be used when we pay you. Be sure it is a valid email address and has a registered paypal or payza account with your name on it otherwise you will not be paid out. Email activation is required, if the name on your account does not match the name on your payouts account your earnings will be deleted and your account will be suspended as per our terms of service. You are not allowed to send your money to another persons paypal or pm account it is a direct breach of our terms of service and will lead to an immediate suspension. has the right to request proof that you are the correct account owner of both your payout processor account and your account, if you fail to provide us with that documentation proof within 5 business days your account will be suspended and earnings will be deleted. has the sole right to enable or disable payouts and payout requests due to any of the following circumstances, tech work, payout processor downtime, payout processor errors, updates, upgrades, security issues or any other issue that may cause payouts and requests to not function properly.

All attempts, in any way, to hack into the system will be logged. Sometimes we will warn you, sometimes we will not. In either way, when you request payout, our monitoring system will analyze your actions and take its own actions in return. Normally, attempts to hack the system will result in account termination. may or may not inform you that your account was terminated. In the first case, will send you an email. In either case, you will be notified as soon as you try to use any of the services at With our tough anti cheat system, it is extremely difficult to cheat. Any Ip address that has more than 5 accounts without our permission will be permanently ban from our network. If someone is caught cheating or simply attempting to cheat, we have the right to forfeit all earnings and ban the user from our network permanently. Cheating would include any of the following:

All attempts, in any way, to hack into the system
Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.
Creating any type of emulator, machine or a program to automate the process of clicking.
Any malicious act that may, in any way, interfere with our system or break any of the terms stated on this page.

We do not believe in spam, and we are very strict on the handling of your information. The only emails you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site.

Suspension / Ban has the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, the disrespect of our Terms of conditions. All suspended accounts will have all their balances reset and no refunds will be given. All suspended accounts will be archived and you cannot register using the same username or email addresses / ip address.

Account Closure
To have your account and all personal data / earnings deleted and cleared permanently from our system please contact support with the subject 'Account Closure'. Members are responsible for his or her actions upon account closure. If a member requests their account closure and that account has breached our terms of service the account will be suspended and the account information will be stored in case of a filed complaint against the members account that breached our terms of service. If the account is in good standing we will require an explanation of why you are requiring your account to be closed. Upon approval your account will be deleted within 48 hours and a final email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address stating your account has been successfully removed from our system.

Advertising Terms accepts any kind of advertisement except for pages that break out of frames, have malicious code, redirect to another page, have adult or illegal content. Also, any advertisement that uses's name for any unrelated services is not allowed. Your advertised webpage must load within 10 seconds as the progress bar counting the exposure period will begin by then. Your advertised website must be capable of supporting multiple visits per second. You, as a user, can only earn from each advertisement once every 24 hours. We reserve the right to deny any advertisement that we do not see fit to be displayed on -- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, or other adult materials of any kind.
-- The website must not contain any frame breakers.
-- The website must not contain or promote any viruses
-- The website must not contain ANY prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts.
-- The website must not exceed the 1 popup/popunder limit
-- The website's single popup/popunder must not open any new windows.
-- The website's single popup/popunder must not break any of the above terms.

Subject to change
This agreement can change. has the right to change this agreement without any prior notice to our members. Prices are subject to change, if for any reason you do not accept the changes, you will need to contact us, and your account will be removed. - Privacy Policy

- Email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.
- Email address will only be used by to communicate with you or to reset a password.
- Payment processor email addresses will only be used by us to send you your payments owed.
- User passwords will be stored in a non retrievable format not allowing us to retrieve your old one.
- User passwords will never be shown, sold or given under any circumstances.
- Names will be kept private by default from other users.
- Username will be shown by default to other users if you get paid out.
- is not responsible for any of the contents in advertisements shown at
- You are responsible when you click a link ad or browse its contents.
- All advertisements are the responsibility of its advertiser and you must comply to their own terms. - Trademark

The logo, all images and text, and all page headers, custom graphics and button icons are service marks, trademarks, and/or trade dress of the Company. All other trademarks, product names and company names or logos cited herein are the property of their respective owners. - Legal Policies

Information described herein is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a guarantee, commitment, condition or offer by The timing of any product release, including any features or functionality, is subject to change at's discretion. We reserve the right to change the policies and rules of the site. 

Latest News

08/11/2017 09:56
New Withdrawal
At the request of a majority of members.  We send payments on the payment system payeer.Please enter your details in the setting of payeer. 
06/11/2017 07:34
Unplanned work provider
In connection with the unplanned works on hosting were glitches with the work auto subscription.  So the Administration decided to temporarily remove this feature.  
03/11/2017 15:53
Update of Registration
Because the Leaders wanted to see from which country their referals are,we have added the point "Country" at the registration. 
02/11/2017 08:48
Upgrade VIP tree
We updated the VIP tree. Now you can see your community to the 10th level. Rewards for the tree are still till the 5th level. 
31/10/2017 08:31
The main admin Vic celebrates on the 1/12/17 his 35th Birthday! We decided to make a promotion:"+35"Begin of the promotion  is on the 1/11/17 till 30/11/17. Every active member has the opportunity to get a bonus for new active members.Table promotion "+35" from 35 to 69 active members $0.5/p... 

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